Thursday, November 29, 2012

Save the bunnies!

Today I had a speech on animal testing, so I thought this bunny sweater would be appropriate ^.^ I got bonus points for it too! :D I have a weakness for clothes with animals on them haha. I paired it with this polka dot kinda puff tutu skirt, black tights, and these fake Louboutin glitter oxfords ;p I was running late, so I through my hair in a bun, which is happening more and more haha cause I'm lazy! I put this scarf that I made into a bow in it to cuten it up a bit! I'm heading to Texas tomorrow to go to Unsilent Night! So excited!!

Bunny Sweater- f21 $20ish
Dot skirt- Wet Seal $15
Scarf- thrifted $1.25
Glitter Oxfords- $60

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