Thursday, November 29, 2012

Save the bunnies!

Today I had a speech on animal testing, so I thought this bunny sweater would be appropriate ^.^ I got bonus points for it too! :D I have a weakness for clothes with animals on them haha. I paired it with this polka dot kinda puff tutu skirt, black tights, and these fake Louboutin glitter oxfords ;p I was running late, so I through my hair in a bun, which is happening more and more haha cause I'm lazy! I put this scarf that I made into a bow in it to cuten it up a bit! I'm heading to Texas tomorrow to go to Unsilent Night! So excited!!

Bunny Sweater- f21 $20ish
Dot skirt- Wet Seal $15
Scarf- thrifted $1.25
Glitter Oxfords- $60

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Real Wild Child

I just realized I forgot to post this look on here! The getting home for Thanksgiving stress got me! It was so warm earlier this week, like high 60s! It was amazing! I wore these leopard high waist shorts that I got from Essex about 3 months ago,and had yet to wear them. I paired it with this floppy hat,tank turtleneck,chiffon button up, thigh highs,and my stud creepers. It's simple, but cute, and actually got more compliments than usual that day! Weird!

Floppy hat- F21 $20
Tank Turtleneck- Goodwiill $3
Chiffon blouse with gold accents- F21 $24
Leopard shorts- Essex $4
Tiger Belt- H&M $14
Thigh highs- Target $8
Stud creepers- Sammydress $40

Black Friday!

Hi guys! I hope you all had a fantastic turkey day! I went to my Nanny's yesterday morning, and while I was there I went up in her attic looking for my Dad's old copy of the Hobbit, which I read at my Nanny's house years ago. While on my hunt I stumble across a few interesting things. I found a pair of long leather gloves with a lace inset that go up the arm; they are gorgeous! I was so excited when I found them! I also found a vintage tissue box, it's so cute and antique, and thought it would be kewt in my room. One of my relatives was a state representative years ago, and he gave my Nanny this piece of luggage that is made of walrus skin! 0.0 So weird! I looked it up, and turns out years ago walrus skin was often used in bags and luggage. Prada actually started with using walrus skin. Super strange! Poor walrus:( My nanny also is an avid sewer and gave me so much fabric! Excited about that! 

Now, let's get to sales! I went to walmart last night at 8. I always go with my family because it's really fun watching everyone go crazy. My family would rather pay a little bit more than wait in line for hours, but we did get a few awesome things- none clothing related by the way. I got the whole Harry Potter dvd set for 16 bucks. I had all of them except 2 , but they were $1.96 a piece, so why not! I also got a wax warmer for myself and my momma. I love them, and I wanted another one. It was just $10 and it came with 4 packs of wax that smell amazzzzing! I got a new PS3 controller for $40. And L.A. Noir for $25, hopefully Drew isn't reading cause that's part of his bday gift ;p Drew is my boyfriend, by the way. He's kewt! But his birthday is December 22nd -_- not cool

This morning at 7am Mom and I went to JC Penney. I love Jc Penney's and they have super cute clothes! They had deals like jeans for 10 bucks and coats for $40, and most things were an additional 30% off. I found a few things I liked.

1. $10 Decree Velvet Jacket/Blazer

2. $28 Decree faux fur cropped jacket in Natural(cream, but they don't have a picture

3. $25 XOXO Tweed Jacket (the back is leather; it's too cute!)

I thought those were so cute! They are on sell online, but a little bit more. I also bought some bras and thigh high socks. I'm going to order some things online tonight as well. Crazy good deals guys! I hope you all have fun and stay safe this weekend!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christopher Kane leaves Versus

Kane has been head designer of Versus, Versace's sister line, for the past 6 seasons. The Italian fashion house is saying they are going to completely change the line of Versus. It will no longer have seasonal collections, but will have ranges of different limited edition collections. Donatella Versace is planning to design these along side different up and coming designers, which I think is fantastic. The line should constantly have a new vibe, and I think that's a good idea with the speed of fashion changes these days.The "new" Versus is scheduled to be presented in March or April 2013.

Kane denied rumors of taking Nicolas Ghesquière's place at Balenciaga this morning, but how amazing would that be?!

Meet Pip.

My room mate got a bunny a few weeks ago! He's cute as cupcakes! His name's Pip, and enjoys hopping & eating carrots! It was so warm today! Almost hit 70 degrees, and it's almost December! What's up with that?! I'm ready to wear my fur coats! I got this skirt a while back from Urban; I liked how it is olive on the front and black on the back! I paired it with this lace bodysuit, a floppy hat, and my black lita's. I'm in love with bodysuits. Every time I see one I have to get it. They're so nifty! They stay in place and you don't have to tuck them in!

Lace Bodysuit- F21 $25 Olive/black maxi skirt- Urban $30
Gold Leaf Belt- My mom Floppy hat- F21 $20 JC Lita's

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Life on Mars?

My friend Stephen gave me this shirt cause he knows my love for Bowie. Bowie is pretty much everything in my life. He's perfect from voice, to music writing, to fashion. He does no wrong! Such a talented man, and I wish he would come out of retirement for just one more tour :( but who know's if that will happen; he's about to turn 66. blah ;/ sad day. Anyways. I just wore this tee with a button up under it as usual. I added a cardigan cause it's a bit chilly out. Paired with some high waisted shorts, thigh highs, off the chain booties, and my trusty bowler hat. This is my 3rd bowler hat. My first one my mom sat her huge purse on, and it has yet to regain its original shape haha. My second just started looking ghetto, so I randomly found this one and had to buy it. I collect hats.. fun fact of the day. haha. I don't wear the ones I collect though because they're vintage and antiques. I have around 40 hats; they're kind of taking over my life cause they take up so much room to store in hat boxes, but oh well, I love it. I would love to study millinery one day, and make my own hats!

Bowler hat- Tjmax $20
Bowie tshirt- My friend Stephen
Colorblocked cardi- F21 $24
Shorts- Thrifted/Guess? $3
Thigh highs- Target $8
Wang- kori off the chain boots

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Devil's Got My Back

I dressed a little cutesy today, I guess. It was an easy outfit. I wore some red jeans, cream lace shirt, and this adorable Betsy cardigan. I was running late so I threw my hair up and put in a bow. I did nothing really, just went to one class cause my other was cancelled. And ate some Japanese and watched American Horror Story; it's getting crazy!

Bow- Goodwill $0.50
Cream lace shirt- Level X $25
Devil Cardigan- Betsey Johnson
Red Jeans- Guess?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Southern Constellations

Today was gross. It rained and rained, so I just wore a comfy sweater, jeggings, and some docs. I got this sweater from goodwill, and I think it is too cute! It reminds me of the Wildfox ones. :) I just put one of my button downs under it too add a little something to it. Hollister has the best jeggings in my opinion. I don't often wear pants that aren't high waisted, but when I do I go for my HCO jeggings. I like that they are obviously jeans, but fit tight to the ankle and have that nice comfy stretch. Plus they are great quality! I have 5 pairs of HCO jeggings, and I've had one pair for 3 years and they still look like new! I know HCO is so high school, but they're jeans are pretty awesome in my opinion!

Black hair bow- Thrifted $0.25
Button down- F21 $24
Star Sweater- Goodwill $3
Jeggings- Hollister $50

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gods & Monsters

Today with FADS aka Fashion and Design Students of MTSU, we visited Manuel. He's an amazing Couture designer that made Johnny Cash the man in black. He's dressed Elvis, Elton John, The Grateful Dead, Madonna,Dolly Parton, Jack White, The Killers, and so many others. He's fabulous. He moved his studio to Nashville in 1988, and we got a tour of his showroom and studio, and got some amazing advice from him. He's absolutely precious, and all his work is gorgeous. Everything is done by have right in that studio. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to go, and I'm considering applying there for an internship in the summer! For the tour I wore A velvet top with ruching on the sleeves and a gold maxi skirt. And I actually curled my hair! ;p

Velvet top- F21 $20
Gold maxi- Goodwill $3
Gold leaf belt- my mom
Black stud creepers- Sammydress $40

Crystal Castles III

About a month ago I went to a Crystal Castles show. It was amazing! I had been waiting two years for them to come back to somewhere around Tennessee, because the last time they came it was an 18+ show, and I was only 17. sigh. But I finally saw them, and it was epic! Such great performers! But anyway, I got this shirt. It has the 3rd album cover on it. I just put a button down under it, as usual. Some black skinnies, with a belt my mom got me, a stud denim jacket and my off the chain booties. Super comfy and I think it's cute!
Black Beanie- H&M $6 (had it for over a year. it looks rough! ha)
Crystal Castles tshirt - $20
Black Skinnies- F21 $20
Metal belt- DKNY present from momma
Stud Denim jacket- F21 $30
Alexander Wang Kori off the chain boots

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Maison Martin Margiela X H&M

Okay, So Margiela's collab with H&M comes out Nov 15th. I'm incredibly depressed there isn't an H&M in Tennessee, but I'm going to Texas first week of December, so maybe some things will be left! Maison Martin Margiela is one of my favorite designers. He's such a unique couturier, and uses very interesting items in his designs, like door knobs and baseball gloves! If you haven't heard of him, you should check out this link it's for his Fall 2012 Couture collection, and it's fantastic. Anyway. Here's the women's pieces with prices. I'm going to put stars by my fave pieces!
Duvet coat $349, *Mirror ball leggings $39.95, *Trompe L'oeil Bodysuit $39.95, Hitched up skirt: $99, *Oversized turtleneck jumper $149, Oversized jeans $69.95 .

Oversized peacoat $349, Oversized turtleneck jumper $149, Horizontally worn dress (blue) $199, Trousers transformed into skirt $99, *Circular shirt $79.99, *Horizontally worn dress (black) $199 .

Narrow shouldered jacket $99, Oversized trousers $129, Oversized day dress $99, *Suede Jacket $299, Day Dress $99, *Biker Jacket $249.

Oversized skirt $99, Flat jacket $99, Pattern cut trousers $99, Silk Skirt $99 , *Silk Top $149, Pattern cut trousers $99.
Oversized masculine jacket $199, Trousers mini skirt $99, Hitched up dress $199, Tailored Mannequin Jacket,Fusion of Two Dresses $200 ,*Darted Sweater $129.
*Dolly cardigan $99, Darted jacket $129, *Trompe l'oeil tattoo top $49.95, *Car seat cover dress $349, Leather drainpipe trousers $349, Painted Jeans $99.

*Candy Wrapper clutch $59.95, *Keyring bracelet $49.95, *Candy Wrapper clutch $59.95, Invisible belt $14.95, Tromp L'oeil high-top sneaker $129, *Plexi wedge ankle boot $349.

Trompe l'oeil fishnet legging $24.95, *Enlarged key ring necklace $59.95,* Glove clutch $149, Knee-high leather boot $299, Glove clutch $149, *Glove Bag $49.95.
Top Three= Hair lock necklace $12.95, Folded Base tote $199, Plexi Wedge Pump $299

Plexi wedge pump $299, Extebded watch belt $99, *Faceless Watch Bracelet $49.95, Pump $129, *Upside Down purse $129, Pump $129.

Invisible wedge boots $399, Micro Belt $14.95
That's it! It's a huge collection, and there is also menswear. In all there's 105 pieces! I think this collab is lovely! What about you?

You can't disguise sad eyes

Hi guys! So, I just want to mention that this week has been amazing! Obama winning 2nd term then both Crystal Castles III and Lana's Paradise Edition leaked! My ears are so happy right now! This outfit was kind of random. I didn't know what to wear with this skirt, so I just went with a basic tan turtleneck. You know those shoes that I said were my new favorite a few posts ago? Yeah, well I got them in brown too ^.^ Creepers are so comfy to me, and they make me like 4 inches taller! Which is nice since I'm so wittle!

Tan turtleneck- Goodwill: Express $3
Olive Corduroy Skirt- Essex: UO $1.50
Aztec necklace- Charlotte Russe $4
Brown stud Creepers- Sammy Dress $40

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Then love, love will tear us apart again.

Oh, I thoroughly enjoy Joy Division. My tee is for their album "Unknown Pleasures" Go check it out! I got this shirt a few years back at Rugged Warehouse for 3 bucks! Steal! This look is a little out of my usual style, well there's no black in it. haha. This cardigan/sweater thing is crazy comfy, and is super warm! It's been so cold and windy, but I actually got really hot walking to class in this sweater! I hope you all had a good election night last night! It went in my favor! But I'd rather not talk about politics on here ;p Also, my roommate got a bunny named Pip.. There's a pic below!

Joy Division Tee- Rugged Warehouse $3
Aztec Cardigan- F21 $30
Acid Wash High Waist Skinnies- F21 $26
Michael Antonio Gerin Wedge- $50

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wild Child

It is time for fur!! Faux fur and velvet are my most favorite fabrics! Adding a fur collar add's a classy rich touch to an outfit! If you don't have one/can't find one, look for jackets or cardigans with faux fur collars that detach! Mine is from one of my leather jackets, and I have one with brown fur from a cardigan! This is my first look I've posted with my favorite shoes!! I got these creepers about a month ago, and they're my babies! I got them from Sammydress. They were $15, but with shipping they ended up being around $40 cause they came from China!

Lipstick- Milani Black Cherry
Black top- H&M $12
Leopard Maxi- Goodwill $3
Faux Fur Collar- Off one of my leather jackets
Tiger Belt- H&M $15
Creepers- Sammydress $40

Monday, November 5, 2012

What? Who me?

I got ready, and ended up not going anywhere, and just filmed a video. -_- I'm cool; I know. haha. Just a casual outfit. Easy peasy lemon squeezy to put together! I feel like I wear black & white most of my life. ha.

Lipstick- NYX snow white
Stripe turtleneck- Local thrift shop,Gap $1.25
High waisted skinnies- Rue 21 I don't know the price, I got them like 4 years ago ha, but they're my favorite pair of jeans!
Bowler hat- Tjmaxxxx $20
rings- Mexico,F21,Charlotte russe

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Big Goodwill Haul!

Orange & Black

I got this dress last spring at Essex for 7 bucks! It's from UO, and I really love the lace details. I wore this the day before Halloweenie! I thought the colors were festive, but it really was way to cold for this dress haha.

Dress- Essex Urban Renewal $7
Tights- Primark
Wedges- Rugged Warehouse $14

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fear and Loathing

Oh, so windy today! It was two days before Halloween, so I went for a witchy look. I got this dress 2 years ago at f21, and I love it so much! Velvet is my favorite! And I love Halloween so much!!! I dressed up as sailor moon!

Velvet dress- f21 $25ish
Collar top- TJmax $12
Heels- F21 $20