Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Bah Humbug!

I'm just kidding, I love xmas! But I saw a Zoe Karssen pullover on net-a-porter and it was $145... what? So I had a xmas sweater party to go to, and made this with iron on letters. I like it quite a bit. I hope everyone had a jolly Christmas!

Diy sweater
Velvet shorts- gojane $14
Kori boots

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas breakkk

I'm done with finals and ready for the holidays! Oh, does it feel good! I wore this on to my last final. I got this cropped leather look sweater from H&M last winter. I paired it with these comfy dot shorts, a collar, and my kori boots. Easy and pretty comfy. These shorts are so flowy it's almost like you're not wearing anything ;o

crop sweater- H&M $20ish
Dot shorts- Target $20
Lace trim collar- Ebay $3.00
Alexander Wang kori off the chain booties

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Welp, in my last post I mentioned that it was raining.. now it's freezing! Ugh, I hate it. I try layering as much as possible cause sometimes I hate jackets. They are so constricting and cover your cute outfit! So I have 3 layers on. A denim button up,a burgundy sweater, and an off white leather jacket. I was still a little chilly though,but I managed. I really like this combination of colors. The denim goes well with the oxblood color, and the cream jacket is a nice contrast. I wore some comfy thick leggings and my studded creepers. My creepers are so comfy plus they make me tall! I love it!

Bowler- Tjmaxx $20
Denim button up- Goodwill $1.50
Burgundy Sweater- Goodwill $3.00 (from my haul video)
White leather jacket- I can't exactly remember where I got it I think perhaps Charlotte Russe I got it on sale for $12 steal!
Leggings- F21 $14
Gold chain necklace- Kohls $12
Creepers- sammydress $40


So finals week is in full force. I woke up late, so this is what you get haha. I just put on a t-shirt and leggings. I threw a plaid shirt over it, so I wouldn't freeze. Super comfy. Plus it was raining, so I wore my docs. I did pigtail buns cause I think it's cute, and a nice change from my plain ole bun. In other news, the apartment across the street from mine got busted for a meth lab.. pretty crazyy!

Plaid shirt- Ralph Lauren $40
Wink leggings- wholesale-dress $8
Bowie shirt- F21 $20
Mint Docs

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier to create lower priced line!

Gaultier is licensing with Ittierre SpA to make a streetwear line! The label is set for release in Spring 2014, and the label is not yet named. This is so exciting! I love Gaultier so much! He is an amazing couturier! So excited to be able to purchase something from him! The label will have both mens and womenswear! Ittierre SpA is actually also producing Gaultier's menswear line this coming January for Fall 2013.

Karl Lagerfeld is gonna make jelly shoes!

Okay, I know this may sound ridiculous to you, but I absolutely love this idea! Jelly shoes are some of my favorites. I love all of Vivienne Westwood's so much! Lagerfeld is teaming up with the site Melissa, which is a haven for jelly shoe lovers! There's so much on the site, so go check it out! I guarantee you will find a pair of jelly shoes you love that don't remind you of being 5!
Lagerfeld has been doing a ton of collabs lately! A lot of people are critical of this. He's done collabs with Diesel, H&M, Orrefors(a crystal art company),Sephora, Shu Umera cosmetics, and Peeps. Yes, the Easter treats. People are starting to think he's licensing his name a little too much. haha
Also, in case you missed it, earlier this year he was in a music video featuring Jean-Roch and Snoop Dog. Yep, you read that right, Snoop Dog. I will link the video below. You will enjoy it and question life. haha

Balenciaga appoints Alexander Wang!

Oh what a great day it is! After many rumors for the past two weeks, it is decided. Alexander Wang will take Nicolas Ghesquière's place as creative director for Balenciaga. He will do amazing for the house in my opinion. He has easy edgy designs that are somewhat minimalistic but still have a lot of pizazz. I don't think they could've picked anyone better!
Balenciaga has became a huge fashion label. In fact, it's became 11 times more popular since 2001!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rebel Rebel

Plaid and velvet once again today. About 4 years ago I went on a plaid rampage and have copious amounts of plaid clothing and the exact same happened with velvet about three years ago. Still every time I find something velvet I have to get it. I don't know what it is about it. I love the sheen and softness so much! I got this plaid skirt about 4 years ago I'm not totally sure if I thrifted it or bought it at wet seal.. It is from wet seal though. I paired it with my knee socks, wide brim hat, and my Litas, but changed out the shoelaces. I really like this outfit. Chic and grunge.

Wide brim hat- Thrifted $5
Velvet top- Liz Claiborne/thrifted $3
Plaid skirt- Wet seal/ Thrifted


First off, ignore my hair.. I got drenched walking back from class :( but anyways, today was a chill day. I only had one class, so I wore something comfy. I got this plaid tunic at f21 like 3 years ago, and I really love it, so I've kept it all this time. Plaid will always be on trend. I always add belts to things. I like to draw some attention to my shape. I put a shirt under it so I wouldn't freeze and wore my velvet leggings. I got them last year on black friday, and I do love them lots! I paired it with my new dolce vita chelsea boots. And wore a beanie;beanies have been a staple in my wardrobe for years. They make life so much easier!

Beanie- UO $12
Plaid tunic- F21 $25ish?
Velvet leggings- JCpenney $15
Belt- my mom
Chelsea Boot-Dolce Vita

Monday, December 3, 2012

Unsilent Night

I went to Texas this weekend. It was my Xmas present from my bf to drive there and go to the Unsilent Night music festival that was saturday. I had a blast! I saw Lydia, Big Chocolate, Steve Aoki, Glassjaw and a lot of other bands mostly hardcore bands. It was pretty dang awesome! Anyway, I wore this velvet top added a button down for a collar, of course. Paired it with this skater skirt from AA and my Wang booties! It was really comfy, but after standing for like 12 hours I was beat!

velvet top- f21
collar shirt- tjmaxx
cross necklace- hot topic $12
skater skirt- thrifted/american apparel $3
silver buckle belt- thrifted $1.50
kori off the chain booties- Wang