Sunday, March 24, 2013

Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

So, it's supposed to be spring, but it's freezing again. -__- It sucks to say the least. Anywho, I just went to classes, and wanted to wear something comfy. I put on my velvet leggings cause that's like walking around in lotion. This sweater I've had foreverrr. It's probably my most worn item in my wardrobe ever. I've had it for like 4 years, but it's perfect. It's soft and not too thick but not too thin. Plus it has bunnies on it! Come on people, how can you not like something with bunnies all over it?! I don't know. If you don't, I feel bad for you.

Beanie- Target
Sunnies/gold chain- Ebay
Bunny jumper- F21
Denim jacket- Thrifted
Velvet leggings- Romwe
Creepers- Sammydress

Friday, March 22, 2013

Demon To Lean On

I've been wearing my disco pants way too much. I can't help it though. They make an outfit, they're easy, and they shineee! I thrifted this top the other day at goodwill. It has floral embroidery and pearl embellishment. It's pretty huge, but just tie it at the waist, and it's a perfect fit. I usually do that with just about any button up top anywho. I went pretty easy on accessories, just a few rings, and that's it!

Denim top- Goodwill
Disco pants- AA
Lace socks- Target

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I'm gonna start off saying the the Lydia album is amazing, and you should go listen right now! But this is a fashion blog, so I guess I should stick to clothes. I had a surge of energy yesterday when I wore this. I woke up early. Went to classes. Cleaned my room, and got rid of some old clothes. Unpacked from my spring break trip; having a huge suitcase in the middle of your floor is quite annoying, but it took me 5 days to finally unpack. Did homework, and then hung out with my roommates. I had been in this slump for basically all this semester. Zero motivation. I couldn't find the will to do anything but lay in bed/sleep. I guess that's called depression. I'm feeling better now, maybe it's the springtime coming, who knows, but I hope it stays. I can finally walk around campus without a coat and not freeze, which is the best thing in the world! Leopard print is one of those things that will always be cool. During my scene kid days I owned copious amounts of leopard print clothing. Since, I've kind of steered away from it for that reason, but the past few months I keep seeing it and getting that instant attraction to the print. I couldn't think of anyway else to wear these pants other than with my roaring tiger head belt. I also got some new shoes, fake Valentino rockstud flats. Shh. Don't tell.

spike hat- Romwe
Fuzzy sweater- Wet Seal
Leopard pants- Urban Outfitters- BDG
Tiger belt- H&M
Stud flats- Aliexpress


I hope everyone had a great spring break! I went to Denver, and it's absolutely beautiful there! Before break I had a project over harajuku streetstyle. We had to dress up for our presentation, so this is what I came up with. Even though some people didn't know if i was dressed up cause I would wear it anyway. haha. Since I was in elementary school I've loved Asian culture. It started with watching Sailor Moon as a kid, then in third grade Kingdom Hearts came out, and it put me in this spiral of wanting everything that was kawaii and wishing I was a cutie Asian girl all my life. *sigh* Through the years I've read so much manga and watched so much anime, that I'm a complete nerd about it. I really wanted to move to Japan and make video games there for a while haha. But fashion is the other huge aspect with Asian countries, and I get daily inspiration from Tokyo streetstyle sites. They are fresh, and innovative unlike most fashion blogs where a person basically wears pants and a button up in different colors and accessories every day. I get bored with that. Give me something over the top. Something many people here, in Tennessee, would probably cringe at. Something that is almost too crazy to be fashionable. I find beauty in those sorts of things. Well, I find beauty in everything, and I feel that's key to knowing fashion. Anyways here's what I wore.

Stripe sweater- Goodwill
Cat dress- Romwe
Blue dot tights/lace socks- Target
I also wore a flower crown, but forgot it in the pic -_-

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Woke up lat for class an it's snowing outside, so this is what you get. A bright, fluffy mesh that looks like I'm five, and I'm ok with that. I thought it was cute and easy, not to mention super comfy and warm! I love this jacket. It makes me look like 5 times my size, but oh, it's cozy!I have a pastel pink sweater on underneath, my blackmilk leggings, and mint docs.

Headband- f21 $5
Pink sweater- JCpenney $20
furry coat- JCpenney $30?
Blackmilk leggings
Lace socks- Target $5
Mint Docs

Friday, March 1, 2013


Welp, it got rather warm, so i definitely will take any chance to wear shorts in the winter! I really wish I lived somewhere warm cause I think it's so much easier to make cute outfits when shorts or skirts are a possibility all year long. Unfortunately, in Tennessee winters get rather cold 30's and 40's, not walking around campus in shorts in that kind of weather. Being cold is my least favorite thing in the world to be honest. bleh. And I'm going to Denver in a week... they had a foot of snow last week -_- We'll see how that goes. Anywho, this was just one of those fast outfits. This camo shirt I've had for a few years. I kept it cause I know camo comes back on trend every few years. I like that it has pastel pink in it and not just the regular dark greens/browns. Threw on some tights, shorts, a leather jacket, and a beanie and I was off like a bullet! bah. I'm lame. Anywho, Hope you all have had a fantastic week! I'm 20 in 4 days :( getting old...

Beanie- Target $2
Leather Jacket- TJMaxx
Camo top- I can't remember. It's by Cocoa Authentic Vintage Clothing
Rose Quarts Crystal Necklace- Local Shop $15
Shorts- thrifted Gap $3
Concho Belt- Goodwill $1
Socks- Betsey Johnson TjMaxx $4