Friday, March 1, 2013


Welp, it got rather warm, so i definitely will take any chance to wear shorts in the winter! I really wish I lived somewhere warm cause I think it's so much easier to make cute outfits when shorts or skirts are a possibility all year long. Unfortunately, in Tennessee winters get rather cold 30's and 40's, not walking around campus in shorts in that kind of weather. Being cold is my least favorite thing in the world to be honest. bleh. And I'm going to Denver in a week... they had a foot of snow last week -_- We'll see how that goes. Anywho, this was just one of those fast outfits. This camo shirt I've had for a few years. I kept it cause I know camo comes back on trend every few years. I like that it has pastel pink in it and not just the regular dark greens/browns. Threw on some tights, shorts, a leather jacket, and a beanie and I was off like a bullet! bah. I'm lame. Anywho, Hope you all have had a fantastic week! I'm 20 in 4 days :( getting old...

Beanie- Target $2
Leather Jacket- TJMaxx
Camo top- I can't remember. It's by Cocoa Authentic Vintage Clothing
Rose Quarts Crystal Necklace- Local Shop $15
Shorts- thrifted Gap $3
Concho Belt- Goodwill $1
Socks- Betsey Johnson TjMaxx $4

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