Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I hope everyone had a great spring break! I went to Denver, and it's absolutely beautiful there! Before break I had a project over harajuku streetstyle. We had to dress up for our presentation, so this is what I came up with. Even though some people didn't know if i was dressed up cause I would wear it anyway. haha. Since I was in elementary school I've loved Asian culture. It started with watching Sailor Moon as a kid, then in third grade Kingdom Hearts came out, and it put me in this spiral of wanting everything that was kawaii and wishing I was a cutie Asian girl all my life. *sigh* Through the years I've read so much manga and watched so much anime, that I'm a complete nerd about it. I really wanted to move to Japan and make video games there for a while haha. But fashion is the other huge aspect with Asian countries, and I get daily inspiration from Tokyo streetstyle sites. They are fresh, and innovative unlike most fashion blogs where a person basically wears pants and a button up in different colors and accessories every day. I get bored with that. Give me something over the top. Something many people here, in Tennessee, would probably cringe at. Something that is almost too crazy to be fashionable. I find beauty in those sorts of things. Well, I find beauty in everything, and I feel that's key to knowing fashion. Anyways here's what I wore.

Stripe sweater- Goodwill
Cat dress- Romwe
Blue dot tights/lace socks- Target
I also wore a flower crown, but forgot it in the pic -_-

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