Saturday, November 17, 2012

Life on Mars?

My friend Stephen gave me this shirt cause he knows my love for Bowie. Bowie is pretty much everything in my life. He's perfect from voice, to music writing, to fashion. He does no wrong! Such a talented man, and I wish he would come out of retirement for just one more tour :( but who know's if that will happen; he's about to turn 66. blah ;/ sad day. Anyways. I just wore this tee with a button up under it as usual. I added a cardigan cause it's a bit chilly out. Paired with some high waisted shorts, thigh highs, off the chain booties, and my trusty bowler hat. This is my 3rd bowler hat. My first one my mom sat her huge purse on, and it has yet to regain its original shape haha. My second just started looking ghetto, so I randomly found this one and had to buy it. I collect hats.. fun fact of the day. haha. I don't wear the ones I collect though because they're vintage and antiques. I have around 40 hats; they're kind of taking over my life cause they take up so much room to store in hat boxes, but oh well, I love it. I would love to study millinery one day, and make my own hats!

Bowler hat- Tjmax $20
Bowie tshirt- My friend Stephen
Colorblocked cardi- F21 $24
Shorts- Thrifted/Guess? $3
Thigh highs- Target $8
Wang- kori off the chain boots

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