Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday!

Hi guys! I hope you all had a fantastic turkey day! I went to my Nanny's yesterday morning, and while I was there I went up in her attic looking for my Dad's old copy of the Hobbit, which I read at my Nanny's house years ago. While on my hunt I stumble across a few interesting things. I found a pair of long leather gloves with a lace inset that go up the arm; they are gorgeous! I was so excited when I found them! I also found a vintage tissue box, it's so cute and antique, and thought it would be kewt in my room. One of my relatives was a state representative years ago, and he gave my Nanny this piece of luggage that is made of walrus skin! 0.0 So weird! I looked it up, and turns out years ago walrus skin was often used in bags and luggage. Prada actually started with using walrus skin. Super strange! Poor walrus:( My nanny also is an avid sewer and gave me so much fabric! Excited about that! 

Now, let's get to sales! I went to walmart last night at 8. I always go with my family because it's really fun watching everyone go crazy. My family would rather pay a little bit more than wait in line for hours, but we did get a few awesome things- none clothing related by the way. I got the whole Harry Potter dvd set for 16 bucks. I had all of them except 2 , but they were $1.96 a piece, so why not! I also got a wax warmer for myself and my momma. I love them, and I wanted another one. It was just $10 and it came with 4 packs of wax that smell amazzzzing! I got a new PS3 controller for $40. And L.A. Noir for $25, hopefully Drew isn't reading cause that's part of his bday gift ;p Drew is my boyfriend, by the way. He's kewt! But his birthday is December 22nd -_- not cool

This morning at 7am Mom and I went to JC Penney. I love Jc Penney's and they have super cute clothes! They had deals like jeans for 10 bucks and coats for $40, and most things were an additional 30% off. I found a few things I liked.

1. $10 Decree Velvet Jacket/Blazer

2. $28 Decree faux fur cropped jacket in Natural(cream, but they don't have a picture

3. $25 XOXO Tweed Jacket (the back is leather; it's too cute!)

I thought those were so cute! They are on sell online, but a little bit more. I also bought some bras and thigh high socks. I'm going to order some things online tonight as well. Crazy good deals guys! I hope you all have fun and stay safe this weekend!

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