Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Meet Pip.

My room mate got a bunny a few weeks ago! He's cute as cupcakes! His name's Pip, and enjoys hopping & eating carrots! It was so warm today! Almost hit 70 degrees, and it's almost December! What's up with that?! I'm ready to wear my fur coats! I got this skirt a while back from Urban; I liked how it is olive on the front and black on the back! I paired it with this lace bodysuit, a floppy hat, and my black lita's. I'm in love with bodysuits. Every time I see one I have to get it. They're so nifty! They stay in place and you don't have to tuck them in!

Lace Bodysuit- F21 $25 Olive/black maxi skirt- Urban $30
Gold Leaf Belt- My mom Floppy hat- F21 $20 JC Lita's

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