Saturday, February 9, 2013

Monochrome Take Me Home

Do you dream in black and white or in color? Apparently just about every designer turned off their color filter for this spring and summer. Most designers had a few runway looks that were monochrome. I wear black and white 80% of the time, so I'm loving all these fun prints that are coming about! The thing with this trend is it is so easy! You can easily throw on a white t shirt and some black velvet leggings and look casual, cute, and in style. I spent a couple of hours finding some of my favorite things for this trend to show you guys. Hope you enjoy it! The links to the items are below.

C Paper Rose Flower Crown Last summer I made quite a few flower crowns, but just with fake flowers. These are made out of small paper roses. So Cute!

Checkered Bustier I ordered mine a few days ago. Can't wait for it to get here!

Thank you, Sonya. Rihanna and Chanel! Vintage Inspired Pearl Trimmed Sunglasses! in Pearl with Black finish  Ridiculously long name, but they're amorir replicas. I ordered a pair. They're almost gone,so gogogo!

N Tripp NYC Cross Skinny Jean  You'd think crosses would be old news by now, but the trend is still going strong!

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