Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tiger Roar

First day back from Fall break! I really love this outfit. I got these shorts from Essex Bargain Hunt for $1.30, and they are from Urban Outfitters! Essex is awesome, and you should definitely go check them out! They received items that are overrun or the boxes are slightly damaged and stuff like that, so the items are at discount prices. Plus the longer an item has been there you get a percentage off of it. For instance, these shorts were priced 12.99 when they arrived at Essex, but they had been there for a few months, so they were 90% off! Which made them $1.30! Better than goodwill and they're brand new!

Sunglasses- Old Navy $12
Ruffle collar top- Primark
Black pattern shorts- Essex $1.30
Tiger belt- H&M $14
Black Wedges- Rugged Warehouse $10

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